Great Lawyers

There is a difference between what HELP and great lawyers do.

Pigs can fly

On the likelihood of impartial advice

Scandinavian Lawyer

Is greatness defined by national culture?

The cost of a lawyer

Nothing is for free. And great lawyers are no exception.

I bill you

Never think you can disturb a great lawyer just like that.

Western Songs

The essence of ordinary people – in a song!

I Law you

My final showdown with the CEO of HELP

Little people

Teaching my associates why little people should not have lawyers.

Close your eyes

The power of Law can always be felt!


What exactly defines independence for a great lawyer

Lawyers are people too

What differentiates lawyers from mere mortals.

You can’t afford me

Always strive for the best, if you can afford it.


If you thought there were any other way.

Comes with a price

You always get what you pay for.


The historic premise of HELPS failure.

Advokathjelp for folk flest

HELP mener at alle skal ha tilgang til profesjonell juridisk assistanse uten at det skal koste en formue. Noe selvfølgelig ikke alle setter pris på.